The Driving Force takes anyone who has cancer and is registered with a GP in Bonnybridge, Denny or Banknock to hospital appointments for FREE.

Other services

As well as taking people with cancer and people needing kidney dialysis to hospital The Driving Force offers some other services to some people with cancer. All these services are free.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer them to everyone. If you would like more information or to find out if you are eligible please leave your name and number with your GP practice and our coordinator will get in touch.

Nail treatments (manicure/pedicure)

Sessions will be carried out in therapist’s premises and transport by The Driving Force is available if required. A maximum of six monthly sessions is available during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.


Sessions will carried out in person’s home. This will be monthly as needed during chemotherapy, or radiotherapy treatment or while hair still affected by these therapies.

Podiatry (chiropody/nail cutting)

Monthly nail cutting will be carried out in client’s home during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment and until any significant nail damage has grown out.


Many people who have experienced these therapies report

  • Increased feelings of wellbeing
  • Increased feelings of relaxation
  • A reduction in their feelings of anxiety
  • An improvement in their sleep pattern
  • Feelings of increased comfort and reduction in tension
  • Greater ability to cope with their situation

Therapies will be carried out in people’s own home and are also available for a close family member requiring help to manage the stress of the situation. Sessions will be monthly, if needed, during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. These therapies are all very gentle and can be carried out while someone is dressed. Relatives can be taught how to give a relaxing treatment to their family member.

Mindfulness course

People will be taught techniques to help them manage anxiety and stress, reduce tension and help sleep. Sessions will be held locally. The course will consist of eight two-hour sessions. This is available for clients and their immediate family. Transport by Driving Force is available if required.

Scottish Charity Number SC036792