The Driving Force takes anyone who has cancer and is registered with a GP in Bonnybridge, Denny or Banknock to hospital appointments for FREE.

photo of our Patron Dennis Canavan


" I am very pleased and honoured to be patron of Driving Force. Our dedicated team of volunteers provide a very valuable service to people in need, thereby helping to create a caring community."

Dennis Canavan. Patron

What is The Driving Force?

The Driving Force is a group of local volunteers who work together to fundraise, co-ordinate journeys and drive cancer patients to and from hospital appointments and treatment sessions.

This service is available to people living with cancer registered with a GP in Bonnybridge or Denny

Why is The Driving Force so important?

Hospital transport takes many patients in the same vehicle so people have a long, slow journey. They have to wait until everyone has been seen before they can go home and can be out of the house most of the day, at a time when they are not well. There is not always room for a carer or friend to accompany them.

People having dialysis need this three days a week, every week. Transport can be difficult to get. The Driving Force provides free transport to dialysis which is bookable well in advance.

People who travel with us have a much quicker, more comfortable journey, can go home when they are ready and will be able to take a friend if they wish. Our drivers 'know the ropes' and provide valuable reassurance.

We aim to provide a free, friendly and reliable means of getting to and from hospital, and to make the experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Living with cancer can be very stressful for the person with the illness and their family. We provide fully trained therapists to help deal with stress and sleep problems to help patients and/or their families in their own homes. We run regular courses to help with stress too.

Cancer treatments can affect people's hair and nails and it can be difficult or embarrassing to go to a salon. If you are having treatment or your hair or nails are still affected you can have hairdressing and nail cutting in your own home. Wearing nail varnish during chemotherapy can help protect nails from damage. Having a manicure and pedicure gives people a lift. We can arrange free manicures and pedicures in local salons if you would like one.

Who uses the service?

Anyone living with cancer who is registered at Bonnybridge Health Centre, Banknock, Denny Cross, or Carronbank Health Centre can ask us for help.

For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions

Are you living with cancer?

Anybody with cancer who is registered at either Bonnybridge, Banknock, Denny Cross, or Carronbank Health Centre can use our drivers to take them to and from hospital appointments and treatment sessions for cancer

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