The Driving Force takes anyone who has cancer and is registered with a GP in Bonnybridge, Denny or Banknock to hospital appointments for FREE.

The Driving Force is still operating during the covid pandemic.Please contact your GP reception if you have no-one to take you to hospital or you would like a phone buddy or help with relaxation and stress.

  1. Always phone your GP’s surgery as soon as you are given the dates of any appointments. They will pass on your name and phone number to us.
  2. You can take one person with you, if you would like to do so, or you have any other special requirements, please tell the co-ordinator.
  3. Near the date of your appointment we will let you know your driver’s name and phone number. (The latter for emergency use only to cancel at the last minute.)
  4. Your driver will contact you no later than the night before your appointment and arrange your pick-up time. IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOUR DRIVER BY 8PM THE NIGHT BEFORE A DRIVE PLEASE PHONE HIM/HER.
  5. Please telephone the number on your appointment card and tell them you will be travelling with us and do not need patient transport. Sometimes they book it without telling people.
  6. If your appointment time is changed or cancelled please contact your GP surgery, NOT A COORDINATOR, immediately and they will pass your details to us. If it changes at the last minute phone your driver direct. Please arrange further drives though your GP reception.
  7. We ask you to remember that all our drivers are volunteers. Please do not embarrass them by offering them money.
  8. If you are kept in hospital and therefore not needing a lift please ask the hospital staff to contact us.
  9. If you are in hospital we can take visitors (subject to driver availability) to see you on week days for up to 2 hours, preferably 2-4pm. We would need 2 days notice to arrange this.
  10. If you wish to make a donation at any time we prefer you to send it to the Health Centre, marked The Driving Force. If you give your driver money he/she will give you an envelope, which you can seal, and the driver will hand it in. Please include your name so we can send you a receipt and letter of thanks.
  11. Please remember that our drivers have to be completely confidential about who they drive. They are unable to discuss anyone else with you, even if that person is a friend.
  12. We are able to take you to check ups etc in the future and to other medical appointment. If we can help just get in touch via your GP receptionist.
  13. If you experience any problems with our service, or have any complaint to make, please tell a coordinator or Bridget McCalister 01324 812315 as soon as possible. We want to make our service as good as possible.

You are welcome to look at our short video on YouTube.


Anybody with cancer who is registered at either Bonnybridge, Banknock, Denny Cross, or Carronbank Health Centre can use our drivers to take them to and from hospital appointments and treatment sessions for cancer

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